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CLC Calibration was founded with the idea that the users of laboratory instruments deserve a service provider who understands the unique requirements of this demanding field and is as dedicated to precision and excellence as they are. We are proud to be a premier provider of accurate, dependable, and traceable services on precision liquid-handling devices and a wide variety of other laboratory instruments. We serve the needs of research, educational, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing clients in the local, national, and international markets.


CLC Calibration is women-owned and operated. Our founder brings many years of industry experience and has been factory certified by industry-leading manufacturers including Biohit®, Artel®, Hamilton®, Oxford Worldwide®, Ametek®, and many others. Expanding our partnerships with premier providers is an ongoing process and continuous improvement is a priority at CLC. We demonstrate our dedication to technical excellence and customer satisfaction by achieving accreditation to ISO/IEC17025. This assures our customers that they and their instrument are receiving the finest service available.


Our calibration methodology is fully compliant with ISO 8655 guidelines and all calibrations are traceable to NIST. Our documentation and operating procedures comply with ISO, IEC, USFDA, GLP/GMP, and 21CFR requirements. We use the most comprehensive calibration software in the industry to provide customers with the highest standard of accurate, traceable, and repeatable results possible.


We're committed to customer satisfaction, providing quality calibration services at reasonable cost and with a quick turnaround time. We are accredited to provide both on-site and mail-in services. We want to create lasting customer relationships based on our quality work, dependable service, and affordable pricing. Call or e-mail us today for a quote! You’ll get high-quality calibration at a price you are as happy with as you will be with our service.


ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited

CLC Calibration is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by PJLA, an ILAC member and MRA signatory. Our scope of accreditation includes pipettes, balances, and scales, and additional equipment capabilities are coming soon. We are accredited to provide services both on-site and in our laboratory. Our methods and service protocols meet the demanding requirements of FDA's GLP/ GMP program and the international standard ISO 8665. This Accreditation demonstrates our dedication to our company and our customers. You can be sure that with CLC Calibration on your side, you and your instruments are receiving the finest service available anywhere. Please click here to view Certificate of Accreditation.

Quality Policy Statement

CLC Calibration is dedicated to providing accurate and dependable calibration services to our customers.

Our commitment to excellence and adherence with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 is expressed by our Quality Manual, our quality objectives, and our practice of continual improvement of all that we do.

Adherence to these ideals is the responsibility of every member of the CLC Calibration team.

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CLC Calibration, LLC

CLC Calibration offers high-quality scientific calibration and repair to research, educational, pharmaceutical and manufacturing clients in the local and national markets. It is a premier provider of accurate, dependable and traceable services on liquid-handling instruments, analytical balances, microscopes, liquid-glass thermometers, digital thermometers, and centrifuges.

Our Accreditation

Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025;2005

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